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Thank you for visiting the virtual public scoping meeting for the West Fork Kickapoo (WFK) and Coon Creek (CC) Watershed Planning Project.

The objective of the preliminary scoping process is to identify the social, environmental, and economic impacts of flooding and flood control measures in the West Fork Kickapoo and Coon Valley areas.

Preliminary scoping comments were accepted through

October 16, 2020. Although the comment period is closed, we encourage you to review and submit questions.

Virtual Initial Public Scoping

Navigating the Virtual Public Meeting

Clicking the buttons below will:

  • Move through the stations to read about the project and meeting materials.

  • Provide scoping comments on affected resources, issues to be considered and potential alternatives to consider.

Start Here!

Questions to consider...

  • How do you feel about the original attempt to control flooding in the 1958 Watershed Project?

  • What are the major flooding problems that still exist in the valley?

  • What are the potential alternatives for solving these problems?

  • What concerns do you have with the repair, replacement, relocation, or removal of the (5) failed dams?  

  • What should be done if other dams fail or require major (costly) repairs?  

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