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Station 6

Identify Problems and Opportunities + Provide a Comment

Let’s work through the potential resource issues for the Coon Creek Watersheds.

Keep in Mind:

The primary purpose for planning is flood prevention or flood damage reduction in the Coon Creek Valley.

The need for planning arises from the failure of three flood control dams during a flood in August 2018.

Questions to Address:

  • How do you feel about the original attempt to control flooding in the 1958 Watershed Project?

  • What are the major flooding problems that still exist in the valley?

  • What are the potential alternatives for solving these problems?

  • What concerns do you have with the repair, replacement, relocation, or removal of the (3) failed dams? 

  • What should be done if other dams fail or require major (costly) repairs?  

Potential Resource Issues to Consider with the Questions:

  • Air quality/ Climate

  • Cultural resources 

  • Ecologically critical areas 

  • Endangered and threatened species 

  • Environmental justice and civil rights 

  • Essential fish habitat 

  • Fish and wildlife Floodplain management 

  • Forest resources 

  • Invasive species 

  • Land use 

  • Migratory birds 

  • Natural areas 

  • Parklands 

  • Prime and unique farmland, and farmland of statewide significance 

  • Public health and safety 

  • Regional water resource plans 

  • Riparian areas 

  • Scenic beauty 

  • Scientific resources 

  • Sole source aquifers 

  • Social issues 

  • Soil resources 

  • Water quality 

  • Water resources 

  • Waters of the United States, including special aquatic sites 

  • Wetlands 

  • Wild and scenic rivers 

  • Ecosystem services 

  • Other

Now that you've reviewed the watershed(s), submit a comment and let the planning team know what is important in the watershed to you. Comments will be used to determine what to study in-depth within the watersheds. 

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