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West Fork Kickapoo and Coon Creek Watersheds

Late on August 27, 2018 a storm system entered West Fork Kickapoo and Coon Creek watersheds with intense rainfall for approximately six to seven hours, dropping between 9 and 10 inches of rain. Five dams within the watersheds failed in the early morning of August 28, causing significant sudden failures at two of the dams, leading to a large breach wave with sufficient velocity and energy to cause significant damage and flooding downstream.

The NRCS, in partnership with Monroe, Vernon and La Crosse Counties, in which the watersheds reside, are developing a Watershed Project Plan-Environmental Impact Statement (PLAN-EIS) for each watershed. The process provides for public comment and input. The final documents will inform and present the decision makers with potential solutions and open the door for potential federal funding sources to match local funds.

Watershed History and Info

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