Station 4

Two alternatives are being carried forward for consideration: Dam Replacement Downstream and Dam Decommissioning. The primary mission of this scoping effort is to gather public feedback on these alternatives to aid County leadership in making a decision. This page will review the preliminary design features and the economic benefits and costs of each alternative.

Alternative 1: Dam Replacement Downstream

Failed structures will be replaced immediately downstream and be designed to meet the low hazard classification. The dams would be earthen with a concrete auxiliary spillway through middle of embankment. To reduce the risk of future, concrete cutoff walls will be installed.


The dams would have similar features as shown in these pictures.


Alternative 2: Dam Decommissioning

Dam decommissioning would include excavating a notch in the dam to pass the 100-year storm. The most cost-effective manner to do that would be to use the existing failure sites. This alternative has been designed to meet Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and NRCS requirements.  

Online GIS Viewer Tool
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This tool will allow you to zoom in to areas within the watersheds and examine the difference with and without the dams.