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meet the team

A collaborative team of cross-country experts with direct knowledge and experience of NRCS dam construction have been brought together to lead the WFK and CC Watershed Planning Team.

M&E Consultants Logo.jpg

M&E Consultants, LLC (M&E)

M&E provides the team’s foundation, with extensive experience designing NRCS watershed dams and repairs throughout the country. M&E brings a team of highly trained engineers, scientists and economists with decades of experience completing NRCS Watershed Project Plans.

Additionally, M&E team members have substantial experience in geotechnical engineering and in the Driftless Region, including experience with failed dams in the region.

Sundance-EA JV Logo.jpg

Sundance-EA Partners, LLC (Sundance-EA)

Sundance-EA is a joint-venture small business combining Sundance Consulting and EA Engineering Science and Technology. The team brings over 44 years of experience providing engineering, scientific, NEPA, analytical, permitting, and management solutions. Team members specialize in NEPA analysis and documentation, and natural resources project management.

Additionally, Sundance-EA has specialized experience with NRCS planning, assessment, and design of watershed structures. This experience involves analyses of natural resources in the Driftless area, and includes involvement in multiple watershed plans and over 90 combined dam assessments in Wisconsin and across the country.

Forest Econ Logo.gif

Forest Econ, Inc. (FEI)

FEI is an independent forest and natural resources economics analysis firm that specializes in the economic analyses of watershed projects. The company provides two types of analysis to the WKC and CC Watershed Planning: natural resources economics, and general economic impact.

FEI team members provide resource valuation, project cost-benefit analysis, investments, forecasting, and management. They specialize in measuring direct economic effects for NEPA analysis of resource policy alternatives. Additionally, FEI builds locally tailored economic models to determine the potential direct and indirect economic impacts of project alternatives.

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